#1 Poem


You love, you loathe, you’re happy.
Sometimes. Other times not, want to do?
Don’t. Just think of Him.
But what is Him,
Is he for real or not for real?
Open your mind, close you’ll eyes and,
See. Float from your mind to ………
To what, the misty ghost of Him.
Bright lights, flashing rainbows
Darkness, there she is, I see her.
Here he comes in gowns of snow, arms outstretched.
Come, you’re in her arms – disappears, there he is
I am He, I am for real, feel my wounds.”
Suddenly, silence, back through the audible silence
Into the realms of the real, mind closes
But not memories, have to go back, to what?
To him, to her, to what, I love them all. No.
I loathe them all. I’m happy.